Dresden Files Fantasy Cast List

Dresden Files Fantasy Cast List

Written by Cory Holster.

I came into The Dresden Files not long after the release of Summer Knight and have been a huge fan ever since. As I traveled into the Dresden universe; I started to brainstorm about my ultimate cast list, for the movie that would probably never come, but it was hard not to have a flash of an actor pop into my head as I read. After I hounded my girlfriend to read the books (it wasn’t that hard) she joined in on the obsession and we started to compile our list. Like the Harry Dresden Facebook page- click here

                The following is the result of months of throwing out names then pontificating at length about why the choice was made (yes we are “that” type of couple). For certain characters we feel that we have the actor nailed down, for others it is not as clear a choice so a (?) is added next to the name to continue discussion.

Click each character to see the actors that we’re casting

  • Harry Dresden
  • Thomas Raith
  • Bob
  • Karrin Murphy
  • Molly Carptenter
  • Michael Carpenter
  • Charity Carpenter
  • Susan Rodriguez
  • Mab 
  • Lea
  • “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone
  • Hendriks
  • Lara Raith
  • Jared Kincaid
  • Billy Bordean
  • “Mac” McAnally
  • Justine
  • Donald Morgan
  • Ebenezer McCoy
  • Arthur Langry
  • Waldo Butters


                This is far from being a perfect list, just a couple of geeks sitting around having fun. We feel that the people we choose keep true to the characters and the universe that Jim Butcher created. What started with a friend handing me a book and saying “you would like this”, became years of fun, reading and re-reading each and every book in the Dresden series and then becoming the full geek doing something like this. I have not had this much fun with fictional characters since Star Wars. Thank you Jim Butcher. 

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