Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz: Sexy Scenes

Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz: Sexy Scenes

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In “Unofficially Yours” , the new film with Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz, Angel Locsin talks about her hot and daring scenes with her co-actor. But why? Angel Locsin is pretty fine, but a lot of the celebrity issues and gigs are becoming overrated nowadays. But hey, sex sells doesn’t it? Check out this sexy Angel Locsin fashion


A lot of people would say it’s hot, but it’s okay; there’s nothing much to gaze at, really. So many Filipinos are occupied with celebrities these days, that they forget to think about other issues that needed to be fixed such as literacy and the true arts, not some cheap repetitive gimmicks that traps and detriorates so many minds. Let’s face it. Many people care about Angel Locsin or John Lloyd Cruise, to the point that it breaks what the power of art of films. Not many of them even read novels; there needs to be a change, and it will take a lot of effort, willpower, and probably money to do so. There needs to be a change in the Filipino system but apparently, many of them are too stubborn to do so. What are your favorite movies from her? Favorite scenes? Share your thoughts.

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